Energy Healing

thReiki is a form of energy healing that was developed by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922. It is used in various settings all over the world from holistic clinics to palliative care units to operating theaters. It is used by people of many different faiths, cultures and spiritual paths. It is my experience that it can be a powerful  tool for wellness. At the clinic we practice Reiki as a stand alone therapy but we regularly combine it with craniosacral therapy or acupuncture for the best results.


image energy healingAlthough no large scale research has been done, small but reputable studies have reported very positive outcomes in clinical settings. For example, studies have shown that Reiki treatment can reduce pain and anxiety during various illnesses. Another study showed improved recovery from heart attack. We use it at Vico Health as an adjunctive therapy to help restore balance and optimal function. Many clients report an improved sense of physical and psychological well being or feeling more in a flow after Reiki. Reiki balances the client at every level, if you are tired, you feel refreshed, if anxious or overwhelmed, more serene. Many clients say they experience a deep level of relaxation during the treatment and a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Reiki is very helpful if a client is dealing with an illness or set of worries or is trying to make life or health changes. Reiki is cumulative and even people who don’t feel much the first time usually have progressively deeper experiences if they continue.

‘After the session, I felt such a sense of relief from stress and a feeling that i was more connected to a deeper sense of self. My sleep also improved significantly and i felt more able to cope with everything’. Rosemary (34), mother of three young children.’

I recently had some job stress and decided to try complementary medicine to help with stress. On my first visit to the clinic I had a session that combined craniosacral therapy and reiki. I experienced such deep relaxation during the session and for about two to three weeks afterwards i had a great sense of energy and felt very balanced with a renewed ability to cope.  My family also commented that I was in very good form after treatment and that my sense of humor was back in abundance.!’ Mark (42) Business owner.


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