‘I have had many wonderfully therapeutic sessions with Avril & feel amazing. She is always so professional & knowledgable – knows what’s wrong & gives an excellent treatment to solve the problem. 
I am delighted to see her back in practice in her new Dalkey clinic’.

Aine O Neill, Sandycove Physiotherapy


‘After several years of living with Multiple Sclerosis (relapse remit) i was experiencing a lot of pain and dysfunction. A friend recommended I visit Dalkey Health & Beauty where Avril used to have her clinic some years ago. I started to attend Avril who combined nutritional advice, acupuncture, stress management and craniosacral therapy.  I was so glad I did, the visits helped me with so many of my symptoms and overall quality of life. She is a very caring practitioner.’
 Patricia Cookson, Glenageary
               ‘I have been attending Avril recently for various health problems. I have seen a huge improvement in my condition but I notice that
                my energy has also increased and it was only when I started to find myself looking forward to future events and getting out of bed                       easily in the morning that I realised how low my mood had been before starting treatment. I love the combined approach
                 of nutrition and craniosacral and acupuncture and supplements. It has really worked for me.!’
                I have young children and I work part-time. Last year I was feeling low and really lacked motivation, I felt overwhelmed with all that                 was going on. Somebody had recommended Avril to me.  I had 8 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural therapy in the clinic and several                    sessions of acupuncture with cranial.  I felt so much better after the course of treatment, I felt I had a new approach and new ways                    of coping  with everything. I go back from time to time for a top up. I would highly recommend Avril.
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