In natural medicine we look at some fundamental principles to help each person improve their health and wellbeing. The same underlying imbalances occur in people over and over and can lead them down a path of ill-health. These factors include blood sugar imbalance, poor gut microbiome leading to leaky gut, sluggish liver, adrenal stress or exhaustion and sleep deficit. Learn to assess your health looking at these factors and learn how to make lifestyle and nutritional change to optimise wellness.

Learn how to keep blood sugars in balance, how to re-colonise the gut microbiome and repair a leaky gut. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of a sluggish liver and how to improve liver function to help with weight loss and energy. 

This Seminar also draws on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to help us understand how emotions affect our physical health. The Chinese have said for thousands of years that repressed anger affects the liver, too much worry affects the gut, too much sorrow affects the lung etc. We look at the connection between our emotions and our wellbeing.

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