This seminar draws on the fields of both Positive Psychology and Neuroscience to inspire those attending to optimise their enjoyment of life despite the challenges of our times. How do we flourish? How do we optimise our own internal landscape? Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human ‘flourishing’, it provides us with an applied approach to optimal function.

This seminar looks at it, at the subjective, individual and group level. It is inspired by the work of Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. It includes aspects such as living from a place of gratitude, self-compassion, emotional regulation skills, presence, development of character strengths such as love, courage and perseverance. From neuroscience we know that it is only by the repetition of experience that we create changes in neural structure and function. 

The American Psychologist Dan Siegel tells us that ‘the neurons that fire together wire together’ so developing new practices and new behavioural responses help us to more easily access feelings of wellbeing.

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