Are you in balance?  The Chinese believe that long before illness develops we have signs of energetic imbalance and that when these signs appear it is the ideal time to use herbs, have a treatment or effect lifestyle change to reintroduce balance. See our checklist below and to ask a question or book an appointment call Vicohealth on 087-2140064 or email us on Avril Ivory (M.Psych.Sc. Dip.Nat. Dip.Ac)

Liver Health:

Do you frequently feel tired and sluggish?

Do you have burping or indigestion after eating?

Do you have difficulty losing weight despite eating well?

Do you have pain around the right shoulder?

Do you have a strong reaction to coffee?

Adrenal Health:

Do you have early morning waking and find it hard to fall back to sleep?

Do you have difficulty relaxing even on days off?

Do you often feel anxious for no reason?

Do you have a tendency to frequent colds and flu?

Gut Health:

Do you experience heartburn, bloating or indigestion?

Do you have problems with joint pain?

Do you have skin issues?

Do you have athletes foot or thrush?

Do you have mucous in your stools?

Do you have a midline crease in your tongue?

Kidney Health:

Do you have soreness or cold sensation in the knees and lumbar regions?

Do you have an aversion to cold or cold limbs?

Do you have spiritual fatigue?

Do you have frequent urination?

Do you regularly have flushed cheeks?

Heart Health:

Do you often hear your own heartbeat?

Do you have insomnia or vivid dreams?

Are you easily startled?

Is your memory poor?

Is the tip of your tongue red?


At Vico Health, during the initial consultation, we assess liver and gut health, adrenal health, kidney, lung and heart health from an energetic and subclinical viewpoint. We also look at overall Wellness and Psychological Health. We then make a treatment plan based on how everything looks. This usually involves two follow on sessions which combine acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations and supplements and herbs where necessary. Treatment takes 1 hour 10 minutes. The initial assessment and treatment costs 65 euros and follow on treatments cost 55 euros.


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