Start 2020 with these 3 empowering well-being sessions in The Calm Rooms in Monkstown. These sessions include a Naturopathic assessment and treatment plan looking at  digestive health, adrenal health,  liver health, blood sugar balance, impact of stress on mood and general lifestyle) with feedback and suggestions for change. Two Craniosacral therapy treatments to release stress and improve overall health (with acupuncture if needed) and a 360* Wellness Coaching session and clearing of old behavioural and emotional habits to bring in the new. This package is ideal for anyone working on improving health and well-being and releasing old stresses. It works on body mind and spirit. Each of the three sessions lasts 1 hour 10 minutes.

Cost 170 euros. To book ring 087-2140064 or email us at  Avril has a Masters degree in Health Psychology and is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. She uses various tools to improve health and wellbeing. Treatment may be partly covered by health insurers. craniosacral therapy

Session 1: This Naturopathic assessment will use case-taking and pulse and tongue diagnosis to assess the state of the liver (often sluggish at this time of year), blood sugar balance, adrenal/cortisol balance, stress levels, gut function and more. Feedback on findings will be given along with recommendations for change. This first session will include Craniosacral therapy (with acupuncture needles inserted during treatment if deemed necessary). Craniosacral therapy enhances the body’s own healing abilities. It is a light hands on approach and clients often remark how deeply relaxing the treatment session is. It gently releases chronic tensions within the body leading to emotional and physical well being. It is particularly good for stress, anxiety and pain but can be used for many conditions. It allows the body to drop down to a delta level state where healing of the nervous system can take place. It is an excellent way to start the new year as it allow body and mind a sense of calm and clarity facing into the year ahead.


Session 2

This second appointment focuses on a 360* Wellness coaching session.  The client starts by exploring a Well life Vision which is a creative process which highlights his or her highest potential and can include emotional, social, spiritual and financial areas as well as health. During the session the client focuses on 9 different areas of their lives and looks at what is working and what isn’t.  The 360* approach provides a framework for accessing the clients own strengths and resources, translating goals into action steps and connecting into the persons own truth and wisdom helping with new directions and dreams and hopes for the year ahead. Wellness coaching is a really valuable approach both with and without the presence of illness.

Session 3

During this final appointment, we review the outcomes of the first two sessions and renew goals. We also do a second session of Craniosacral therapy (with acupuncture if needed). During this session we look at emotions, behaviours and negative thought patterns that no longer serve and do a clearing and cutting of the ties, inviting in new patterns and new energy for the year ahead.


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