Thank you all for your enquiries about when we are reopening. We are delighted to announce that we will reopen on June 15th. We hope to give you the very best service whether you are attending for Psychotherapy (which can also be done remotely if you prefer), Acupuncture or Craniosacral therapy. Health & Safety is an absolute priority so you will be noticing some changes. If you attending for treatment please take a moment to read these changes below!

Patients attending:

  • There will be pre-screening protocols carried out 24 hours before you attend the clinic to ensure that you are fit and well. This will be by text and email the day before.
  • High risk patients – I will still be seeing all patients. However if you are high risk (pregnant, elderly, chronic health issues) then I ask that you are extra vigilant in your pre-treatment self-assessment of symptoms.
  • Masks – I would ask you to attend clinic wearing a mask, if for any reason you can’t you can purchase one at the clinic and I will give it to you at the door.
  • We will be briefly checking your temperature.
  • I will greet you at the door with a hand sanitising gel before you proceed up to the treatment room.
  • A contact tracing log will be completed each day.
  • Treatment spacing – I will be spacing treatments out, allowing 15 minutes between treatments, to ensure you don’t encounter anyone on arrival. Please only bring yourself to your appointment.
  • Please do not arrive early. For safety we won’t be using the waiting room but you will be brought directly to the treatment room.
  • Payments & receipts – if you are paying by cash I ask that you bring the correct amount in an envelope. Receipts will be emailed to you after the treatment session.
  • Please demonstrate the correct cough and sneezing etiquette – i.e. into the elbow.

⭐ The Treatment Room:

  • Soft Furnishings – All soft furnishings in clinic are now disposable, single use or wipeable to ensure all items/surfaces can be disinfected between treatments.
  • Sanitising hand gel is readily available and will be used before and after each treatment
  • Disposable couch roll. 
  • Disposable hand towel.
  • The room will be cleaned in between clients with disinfectant, bed, floor, door handles and any other contact areas within the clinic.
  • The chairs are spaced well apart in the treatment room and I will be wearing a mask and medical coat throughout which will be changed after each client.

⭐                                Please do not attend if:

  • If you have a fever and or cough, please stay at home regardless of your travel or contact history.

  • If you have been in contact with someone who has the virus.

  • If you have new flu like symptoms such as: a cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, fever (high temperature)

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