At Vico Health we offer a simple non-invasive test which measures your Arterial stiffness, your Biological age, your core Blood pressure (rather than peripheral)  and your Body Mass Index all in one test.  The test takes forty minutes and costs 47 euros. Why have your Biological Age tested? If you have been under stress, or are not eating particularly well or haven’t had time for exercise your arteries might be becoming stiffer and your Biological age might be increasing more rapidly than your Chronological age making you feel and look older.

September is Irish Heart Health month and it may be a very good month to assess the state of your heart and start a new health regime!.

The machine is a Class 11 medical device which passes a pulse wave through the walls of the blood vessels and measures the bounce back, it analyses the aortic pressure wave form. This is an important determinant of cardiac function and coronary perfusion and helps catch the early signs of heart disease.

The test score goes from one to eight with the higher scores reflecting stiffer arteries. The test is then followed with an 8 page individualized set of recommendations which highlight lifestyle, dietary ,and supplementary changes to effect positive change in the score. After these recommendations have been followed  for several weeks the test is then administered again. In most cases even with moderate changes in diet and exercise the Biological age and Arterial stiffness have reduced, lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Heart Disease is still the biggest killer in Ireland, this test is ideal for anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to heart health and take steps to keeping a healthy heart. Stress, processed foods, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and family history can all lead us to age prematurely.  In some cases your arteries can actually be up to 40 years older than your chronological age. One of the main contributors to heart disease is the development of Arterial Stiffness ‘Hardening of the arteries’. A person can have normal Blood pressure, normal Cholesterol levels and yet have hardening of their Arteries. At Vico Health we have seen some excellent improvements in patients heart health and reductions of up to ten years in their biological age! A test well worth doing! Contact the clinic on 01-2023931 or  087/2140064.

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