This Seminar looks at the science of Resilience. Resilient people are made not born. Resilient people bounce back. They adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma and stress. Resilient people don’t wallow or dwell on failures. They learn from situations and move forward. They see everything as an opportunity for growth. 

  • What are the key traits of a resilient person?
  • How do we develop resilience?
  • What are the 8 key psychological techniques that enable us to develop the ability to ‘bounce back’?
  • What role does rewiring the nervous system play in resilience?
  • How can Cognitive restructuring, catching our Negative Automatic thoughts and reframing them be of help?
  • What are the healthy habits that we need to develop?

This seminar begins with the opportunity to assess individual resilience with a questionnaire, to reflect upon individual levels and to create a blueprint moving forward so that each participant has a clear vision of how they can improve their own resilience levels.

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