(Duration 2.5 hours)

Stress is fine in small amounts and can indeed increase our productivity and make us more dynamic in our lives. However we are not physiologically or psychologically designed to deal with too much stress. It can lead us to an over active nervous system where our fight or flight mechanism is switched on all the time. This can lead to the release of a stress chemical called cortisol. Cortisol affects immunity, cardiovascular function,  endocrine function and can lead to anxiety and insomnia.

This workshop looks at both the physiological and psychological aspects of stress. It identifies how we can rebalance the nervous system so that whether we are faced with chronic stressors or major life events we can operate from a state of balance. When balanced we make better decisions, we use better problem solving skills and we can exert control. This

This is an interactive reflective workshop which also uses  the stress model designed by Professor Lazarus. BASIC ID. We all have a unique psychological make-up and a unique way of responding to stress. He calls this our BASIC ID (Behaviour, affect, sensation, imagery, cognition, interpersonal relationships and drugs/biology). The workshop allows each participant to work through their own BASID ID and to learn new ways of coping so that stress no longer interferes with our ability to fully develop our potential.

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